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Speak Your Mind is a school in constant innovation to guarantee you a complete study experience in step with the times.

SyM App&Book

For over thirty years, Speak Your Mind has been dedicated to quality and innovation – our mission is to put all our expertise and imagination towards making learning English as simple and enjoyable as possible for our students.

2020 saw a major step with the publication of a completely revised Speak Your Mind course, from beginner level to advanced. Now students have the guarantee of a tried and tested method with content that is right up to date.

With the SyM App & Book you have all that you need

You will have your own reserved area and app – easy to access from your computer or device, offline or online. With your username and password you have the e-book for your course, extra listening and reading content and exercises at your level.

Designed for clarity, your student book follows your classroom lessons step by step. You’ll find all the words, expressions and grammar that you learn in class in a single place for easy referral and easy revision. Your student book also contains sections on pronunciation, exercises on grammar and vocabulary, a grammar reference, British / American English, and phrasal verbs – all you need in one place. The student book presents new language with clear explanations, and hundreds of relevant and realistic examples and dialogues – easy to study, better to learn.

Included with the SYM student book you receive access to the SYM app at that level – all to help you on your path to progress. The app contains the book – you can revise and study whenever and wherever you are. In addition the app contains hours of listening practice with hundreds of dialogues and examples with different speakers and accents to help you train your ear for real English. With ‘listen and read’ mode you can check how well you’ve understood. The app also has a variety of extra exercises for you to do – and see your scores.

Listen and learn where and when you want with the speak your mind learning english podcast’ on spotify. The speak your mind podcast contains 180 episodes graded by level from book 1 up to advanced. 21 hours of english practice – easy to access and free for all. Whether you’re doing the housework, travelling to work or jogging round the block, just open spotify, search ‘speak your mind learning english’ and start training your english. In order from book one to book 18, it will be easy to find the listening practice for your level or to go back and revise.

SpeakYourMind Learning English App

Have you just bought the book and you’re not sure how to access the app?

The Speak Your Mind app is on Google Play and Apple Store