English courses online or in school: discover the Speak Your Mind method

Speak Your Mind is based on direct conversation between the teacher and students, with lessons that are highly productive and that keep you engaged at every moment. This dynamic approach helps significantly reduce learning times while putting the emphasis on speaking, right from the first lesson. Our English courses are taught only by expert teachers who are able to focus their skills on really improving your listening and your speaking.

Thanks to the innovative style of the method, every student can be sure to learn more words each lesson, words that will help you communicate easier and better. Online or in school, our courses build up your word-power effectively and efficiently. With each lesson you will feel more confident and more independent in English – confidence that you can put into practice whenever you use English in real life, knowing you are using good English with clear pronunciation.

Why do an English course?

How many times have you found yourself having to face situations where you need to express yourself in English? Or how often have you had to struggle to translate something relying on the English you learnt back at school? As you well know, English is the most widely used language globally – not only is it essential in the world of business, but it can connect you to a world of varied and fascinating cultures.

Learning the language of Shakespeare, David Bowie and James Bond with a quality English course will open many doors for you, on a personal and a professional level: the better your English, the wider your horizons.

What is the best way to learn English?

You can count on us! With Speak Your Mind, online or in person you will save time and money.

Speak Your Mind – your English school

There are plenty of English Schools around, so why choose Speak Your Mind? Created by teacher and writer Iain McInally thirty years ago, Speak Your Mind is a completely original method that has continued to develop and update to keep pace with the times. A method that has been used and approved by students and teachers, not only in Italy where the first school was founded, but on a worldwide level.

A real alternative to conventional methods, Speak Your Mind lessons are based around a guided dialogue designed to get you speaking, right from the first lesson using new words and grammar in practical real-life conversational situations, whatever your level. Speak Your Mind is a complete learning programme and while the emphasis is on speaking, reading and writing have the right space.

English courses online or in-school: try out the Speak Your Mind method.

Speak Your Mind: find the right course for you

Speak Your Mind has group and 1-to-1 course for adults and for kids.

Our range of courses includes:

  • Courses for adult learners

  • Courses for young learners aged 9 upwards

  • Courses for middle school and high school

  • Courses for university students

  • Business English

  • In-company courses

Choosing Speak Your Mind means trying an innovative learning method appreciated by many people who have decided to learn English before you.

Why choose Speak Your Mind ? The advantages:
  • 50-minute lessons

  • Try before deciding

  • Flexibility – start when you want, stop when you need

  • Qualified expert teachers

  • No contracts to tie you down

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Your English has no limits thanks to the conversation specialists

The Speak Your Mind Method

Speak Your Mind – the modern and effective method that gets you speaking real English from day one. Start now – online or in school..

  • Focus on conversation

  • Real results in less time

  • Expert qualified teachers

  • Clear programme for guaranteed lesson-to-lesson progress

We would love to be able to say that learning to speak English is quick and effortless – but if that was true the world would be full of excellent speakers of English. But what we can point to is the many thousands of people of different ages, backgrounds and nationalities who can testify that Speak Your Mind makes learning to speak English simple, effective and enjoyable: the style of the lesson, the rapport with the teachers, the challenge of interaction and the sense of achievement are all ingredients for motivation and success.

Anyone who has learnt with Speak Your Mind can tell you: what you learn stays with you – long-term. ‘Use it or lose it’ is a rule of teaching that Speak Your Mind puts into practice better than anyone. Everything that is new today is practised again over the following lessons, allowing you to assimilate naturally. You will have repeated opportunities to use your new words and grammar in a variety of relevant contexts, so every lesson is an active training session for your ‘English memory’.

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