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LanguageCert International ESOL online exams are the easiest and most innovative way to certify your English.


Gli esami possono essere prenotati fino a 4 ore in anticipo con i risultati rilasciati in soli 3 giorni lavorativi


Disponibile 24 ore su 24, 7 giorni su 7, 365 giorni l’anno e può essere preso in qualsiasi momento, in qualsiasi luogo preferito


Una persona reale è online per garantire un’esperienza comoda, sicura e senza stress.

The Remote and Live Control LanguageCert Online exams are based on award-winning technology owned and managed end-to-end by the PeopleCert Group. They provide a safe and reliable way for candidates of all ages to take high-level, internationally recognized exams from their preferred location without having to visit a Test Center *. For applicants under the age of 16, guardian consent is required at the time of booking.

This approach to assessment makes the entire examination process more accessible and tailored to the needs of individual candidates, while maintaining the highest safety standards and offering international recognition.

Candidates have the option to book LanguageCert exams online at our Speak Your Mind!

LanguageCert online is a language certification recognized by MIUR , so you can use it in any public competition , to obtain training credits or enrich your CV.
||| LanguageCert exams are also recognized by Ofqual and accepted on the UCAS platform , if you want to study in the UK.

The complete exam includes two modules, one written and one oral:
||| Written Exam
is the written test, which includes Listening + Reading + Writing.
||| You can take the exam from your device, in conditions of absolute safety. During the exam, you are monitored remotely by a supervisor, who guarantees the validity of the test. Thanks to these features, the certificate obtained with an online LanguageCert test does not expire and can be used to achieve your academic and professional goals. The duration of the exam depends on the level you want to certify.
||| Spoken Exam
The oral part takes place online, directly with the examiner.

||| Plan your exam based on your schedule.
You choose the date and time you prefer.
||| You can register up to 24 hours before the exam .
Take your exam 4 hours after booking and you can easily reschedule it if necessary.

||| It is therefore the ideal test if you have a short time at your disposal to submit a language certification.
||| You will receive two certificates :
An immediately redeemable e-certificate that arrives by mail and a paper certificate that arrives by post, at no additional cost.

||| By purchasing the exam with the Take2 option, in case of failure, you can take the exam again at no additional cost within 6 months from the first attempt.

•• Valid identity document ||| • A quiet room with no distractions, sufficient light and a clean desk ||| • External or integrated webcam capable of rotating 360 degrees ||| • Screen width of at least 15 inches with a resolution of 1024x768 or
upper ||| • Windows®: 10, 8.1, 8 or 7 ||| • Apple: MacOS Yosemite (10.10), El Capitan (10.11) or Sierra (10.12) ||| • Internet connection with a speed of at least 4 Mbps ||| • Headphones with microphone |||

How Does LanguageCert Online Exam Work?

Language Online exams in 5 steps!
  • Book an exam.
    Book up to 4 hours in advance and easily reschedule

  • Download the exam software
    A step-by-step guide is sent by email

  • Prepare the space for the exams
    A quiet room with no distractions, internet connection, computer, headphones, webcam and ID

  • Take the exam
    A supervisor will guide you through the exam process

  • Receive results
    3 business days for LanguageCert International ESOL

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B2 Booster

Last-minute English? Are you one of the many who have "left" English at level B1 and now find yourself facing the last obstacle: B2 CERTIFICATION?
||| A unique course of its kind, B2 Booster was born from the experience and innovation of Speak Your Mind: eight hours of lessons focused on maximizing your potential to reach your goal.
||| WHAT IS THE INTENSIVE B2 BOOSTER COURSE? ||| - 8 Online group or individual lessons of 50 minutes each divided into 2 weeks of course ||| - 6 lessons of LanguageCert Preparation to prepare for the exam ||| - 1 individual lesson with dedicated teacher
||| Three weeks will not transform your B1 English into a true B2 level (according to Cambridge ESOL, an average of 200 hours of study are required), but it will give you the strategies, notions and 'reflexes' that can make all the difference when taking the exam. And we have had excellent results, giving many 'desperate' students a free way for their plans.

Choose the Intensive LanguageCert Exam Preparation Course and prepare to take the LanguageCert exam (A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2) in only 7 lessons || | ||| With the Intensive LanguageCert Exam Preparation Course, you regain your English, learn exam strategies and practice to be prepared for the exam.
||| - 6 Online lessons of 50 minutes in group or individual ||| - 1 individual online lesson of 25 minutes with a dedicated teacher ||| - Mother tongue and expert teacher ||| - Lessons aimed at preparing the LanguageCert exam
||| Book your first free lesson and find out your current level of English!

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