SpeakYourMind Learning English App

Find out how to download the official Speak Your Mind App

Have you bought the Speak Your Mind book and now you don't know how to download the APP?

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Download the App. Follow these simple steps.
  • Download the App SpeakYourMind Learning English.
    The App is available on Apple Store and on Play Store. You don't have the possibility to download the APP? Log in from the Browser!
    Create your Personal Account
    Create your account to get the access to your Personal Area and unlock your book.
  • Complete the registration
    Fill in all your personal datas, confirm the registration of the Account clicking on the link you will receive on the email. Check the Spam!
    Unlock your book
    Modify your profile in the section "Other fields", insert the code you will find in the second page of the book. Confirm the password and update your profile. You have unlocked your book!
  • Train and test your English!
    Open the SpeakYourMind Learning English App. Now you have unlocked the book, let's get started! Review the lessons and test your listening and your English with dedicated exercises.

Download the SpeakYourMind Learning English App


I can't enter the password. Where should I enter it?

Are you unable to enter the book password and then unlock the contents of your level?

Click here, log in with your personal credentials and go to the “Other Fields” section.

Edit the field and enter the password you find on the second page of your book. Click on “Update Profile” to save. Open the App. Your book is now unlocked.

I purchased a book before September 2019, can I download the App?

The password can only be found on the 2020 edition, i.e. on books purchased after September 2019, To make sure you have a book of the latest edition, which includes the App, you will find the App icon on the cover. If there isn’t, but there is a CD icon, your book is not from the latest edition.

I can't find the password in the book. What can I do?

Open the book, on the second page you will find a small sticker with the personal password to unlock your contents.

The password is only found on Speak Your Mind books purchased at an official Speak Your Mind office since September 2019. If you purchased a book before this date, you will not find the password to unlock the App.

If you purchased a book after September 2019 and cannot find the password, please email us at support@symenglish.com. We will reply as soon as possible!

My password doesn't work

Go to your profile  and check that you have entered the correct password. If wrong, correct it and click on “Update Profile”.

Open the App. The contents are now unlocked.

If the password is correct and you are unable to unlock the content, please email us at support@symenglish.com

Does the password expire?

The password is unique and personal and allows you to unlock the contents of the App.

You can unlock the contents of the App whenever you want. From the moment of the unlocking, the content will remain unlocked for a period of 9 months.

How many devices can I download the App on?

You can access the contents of the App, with your account, on up to 3 devices.

How can I access from the pc?

Do you want to practice from your pc?

Perfect, click here and access from your browser, without downloading anything!

I bought 2 books, how can I unlock both contents?

It is possible to access multiple books from the same App.

In case you have purchased multiple books, click here, log in with your credentials and go to your profile. In the “Other Fields” section, enter the password you find in the first book and click on “Update Profile”. Delete the password entered, enter the password of the second book and click on “Update Profile”. Repeat the process for each new book you purchase. The Password field should only contain one password at a time.

We are two in the family who are attending a SYM course. Can we both access from one App?

The system keeps track of the progress and history of the activities carried out on the App.

For this reason we recommend creating an account for each student in order not to lose the progress and the history. If you are 2 in the family, you can download only one App on the device but create two separate accounts. After creating the two accounts go to the App and log in with one of the two accounts.

You can change your account by going to the menu and clicking on “change site”. “Change site” allows you to log out of your account and log in with another account.

I have problems with the App, who do I contact?

Are you having problems with the App that you can’t solve? Email us at support@symenglish.com. We will contact you as soon as possible.